Angela Vickers Service

Here at Angela Vickers Bridal Design we offer a highly skilled service which enables our brides to have a beautifully hand crafted gown designed and made in the United Kingdom.

Ordering your gown

We highly recommend at least 6 to 8 months prior to your wedding date to ensure we able to make to get the fabrics and fit you into our schedule. In some circumstances we are able to make your gown in less, please mention when booking a consultation. Email or contact us at the studio to arrange your 1st Appointment at our beautiful studio in Nottingham. After ordering your bespoke wedding gown with Angela Vickers, the next stage is for you to arrange an appointment for your measurements to be taken.


(approximately 4 months prior to your wedding date)

You will be asked to try your chosen sample gown on again, unless you have chosen a bespoke design unlike any of our samples. This is to reconfirm you are completely happy with your selected gown, and any modifications can be discussed with Angela at this stage. If you have not already purchased your shoes and accessories you are welcome to try on our samples and place orders during this appointment

Your measurements will then be taken in complete privacy to ascertain the exact size of the gown to be made specifically for you. If at this point you feel that you may gain/lose weight or anything that may change your body shape, please inform Angela as this will make a difference to the fit of your gown. We will work according to your fitness regime; we do ask you please to try maintain your weight as best you can as the gown is sculpted to you from your measurements.

Any necessary requirements or specialist underwear will be discussed during the appointment. Angela will determine from your measurements whether a toile fitting is needed or a first fitting.

Toile fitting

(usually within 2 weeks of your measure)

Occasionally we may need to make a toile, a calico replica of your gown. This is to make sure you are getting a perfect fit before we cut the actual fabric for your gown.

First fitting

(approximately 3 months prior to your wedding date)

Your gown has now been partially constructed in your chosen fabric and is ready to be fit to you. At this stage minor amendments can be made. Details like necklines can be lowered and discussions on beading/embellishment on your gown are discussed. You will require either your wedding shoes or know the heel height in order to determine the hem length on your gown.

Final fitting/collection

(approximately 2 months prior to your wedding date)

Unless a further fitting is required your gown is now complete. All final details like beading and lace appliqué have been added to your wedding dress and your accessories will be ready for you to try on with your finished gown.

It is advisable to bring your shoes and other accessories if you wish to try them all together. Angela will then demonstrate how to fasten your gown and manage the train whilst travelling/dancing on your big day.

Once satisfied your gown will be delicately packed in a large white hanging bag covered in acid-free tissue paper to preserve and protect it. You will be expected to take the gown and accessories away with you at this point.

We advise you to store it somewhere safe and dry until a few weeks prior to your wedding. When it is appropriate we recommend you have a practice run at trying your wedding dress on, this is to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day. Usually each appointment will last between 30-60 minutes and they are approximately 4 weeks apart. If in the instance that you wish to have more fittings, please inform us and we will space them at regular intervals.

After Service

We advise that you have your wedding gown professionally dry cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding. Angela Vickers offers a hassle-free after service, where we use a highly recommended cleaning company that deal with all our gowns. It will then be carefully packed in a beautiful ivory colored wedding box. Specially designed to accommodate your gown and any accessories or memorabilia you wish to store.


1) Ordering 33% of the total balance is to be paid as a deposit on your gown. This simply concludes that you are having a gown created by Angela Vickers. Should you change your mind on the style or minor detail at this point it is possible to modify it depending on discussions with Angela.

2) First Fitting Second payment of 33%.

3) Collection This is the final payment to complete the balance on your order. We require any additional accessories to be paid in full before ordering.