Just a Selfie!

About me. Well, what is there to know… I’m a mid 20 Brit, born and raised in the UK. I’m an outgoing boss babe who won’t stop until she gets to where she wants to be. Ironically, I don’t know where I want to get to, hah! I currently have a typical 9-5 office job that pays the bills but doesn’t excite me. Sounding familiar? The excitement of getting home and chilling with my feet up watching Netflix is what gets me through the day, kind of sad to say the least.

I wanted to do something whereby I could share my ideas, mainly around fashion, home improvement and DIY (lockdown has helped me get into that) and just general lifestyle things I’ve also travelled some so I will share what I’ve learned out and about in the past – not so much now though! Still, I’ve always been good at sharing my ideas and thoughts on different things, but I didn’t fancy vlogging. So, I thought why not create a blog.

I plan to post as regularly as I can, but work sometimes gets in the way of that (as you all know), however, with lockdown still dooming us all in the UK, I’ve definitely got more time on my hands to do that, I just might not be able to post exciting things that I’ve got up to, because, well, what can we go and do?!

Anyway, I hope you like my posts and ideas, if not, you’re loss! Thanks for looking around 😀 If you want to, feel free to pop me an email via the contact form over on my contact page; I’d rather not have people spamming my email!