Best Celebrity Fashion Inspiration

You’re probably wondering who among the International celebrities have the best fashion style. Do you want to know who they are? Are you curious about their unique fashion styles?I know that you are! I’ll introduce to you my most recommended celebrity fashion inspiration. I know that you are excited to look like a celebrity with the chicest fashion. Be ready to read more, take down some notes, and get inspired!

I will introduce to you my top three international celebrity fashion inspirations. They’re not only standing out as a runway model but also in fashion styles. They are famous for their unique trend of fashion styles.

Top 3 International Models and Celebrity Fashion Inspiration

  1. Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber is the wife of the famous Justin Bieber. Hailey is famous for her manner in the fashion industry. No matter what, she never goes wrong to look fashionable.

Her style combines a lot of athleisure and street style wear. She’s maintaining an edgy style yet never lacking class. Due to her influence and other cultural trends, a lot more people are starting to wear streetwear outfits from places like Lychee the Label. Those outfits give people a fashionable, yet casual, look.

She is popular for wearing either all white or all black. She loves layering her clothes with black leather jackets and chunky sneakers. This look is more like a monochrome mood.

Hailey’s fashion is not perfect without her chunky gold accessories. Yes, she is more on gold accessories, not silver or bronze. It can be gold chain necklaces, chunky hoop earrings, and a luxury gold watch. For a formal or important event, Hailey most used pantsuits than pencil skirts. She mixed these pantsuits with a white or black turtle neck underneath. This is best worn with a black or white pump and baguette bag.

Hailey also loves to wear comfortable but chic style clothes. She loves to pair oversize sweaters or shirts with biker shorts paired with chunky white sneakers and luxury sunnies.

  1. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Nicole Jenner is an American model. She’s also a media personality and a socialite.

Kendall’s fashion styles are the coolest and chicest. She’s on fire whatever she wears. Her fashion style proves that she’s a supermodel in the making. Her street style is the best. She matches women’s and men’s clothes for street style fit. She can style ball skirts effortlessly and walk on the streets. Kendall’s fashion style on the red carpet appearances is so unique and chic. From head to toe, she always stands out. Kendall loves to pair bikinis with men’s shorts or baggy trousers. She also loves layering it with a polo shirt or leather jacket. Her look is more on baggy bottoms and crop tank tops. She most wears sexy dresses and loves coordinates.

Kendall is also popular for the designer sunglasses that make her outfit nicer. She’s more on minimalist jewelry. She uses designer baguette bags almost every day.

  1. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is an American Supermodel that became a model of the year in 2016. She is also an influencer in the fashion industry.

Aside from being a supermodel, she became popular because of her fashion. Her always surprising and chic outfits are watched by everyone. She’s always on the fashion inspiration board.

She loves styling vintage and classic men’s wear. Men’s pieces of clothes like vests, sweaters, and trousers, pairing them also with vintage tops. Bella loves all kinds of cardigans. She paired them with baggy jeans or cargo pants. She doesn’t want to layer her cardigans during spring, but she loves to layer vests. Bella’s fashion is all about being comfortable but looking nice. She prefers chunky or Nike and Converse shoes over heels and pumps. But when the season is not for sneakers, she loves to style black boots.

Bella often styles her street style fashion with tiny ‘90s-style sunglasses. She’s also more on hoop earrings, gold or silver, depending on the look. Bella is also popular for bucket hats. Bucket Hats will make you look more classic and vintage.

We are influenced by celebrities, so as their fashion styles. Being inspired by their fashion can help us how we will wear our clothes. They can help us feel happy and confident to wear our fashion styles.

Who’s fashion style inspires you? There’s nothing wrong with trying out the different fashion styles.