Fashion as a Reflection of Personality

When we are talking about fashion, many things will come to mind. We dress up for a reason, and so do others.  And no matter what the purpose of our fashion style is, it reflects our personality. I heard a saying from a well-known ‘fashionista’ or fashion icon from the Philippines; she is also famous worldwide, especially in Paris, France. Her name is Ms. Heart Evangelista-Escudero. She said that “what you wear is who you are.” A very simple statement, but it struck me upon hearing it.  And I think that it has a significant impact on every one of us, too.

The way we dress reflects our personality, mood, and character. Our clothes have something to do with ourselves. There is a connection, on a certain level, between the clothes we wear and ourselves. Our fashion style is our mirror. And the way we present ourselves in public wearing the clothes we want to wear reflects our personalities.

Personality is crucial. It tells us a lot about people. It guides us to know who to commit to. Identifying someone’s character is very important because we cannot just let others enter our lives without knowing who they are. The world is offering us many people, but not all are worthy of being with us. We are all looking for someone who has a personality that fits with our character.

Believe it or not, clothes will help you to know a person’s personality. Fashion can make you understand someone’s nature by just observing how they present themselves. Some people are questioning how we can know someone’s personality by following their fashion style? There are a lot of things to observe in people’s style. It is our medium to tell the world who and what kind of people we are.

First, it is about color. Color in fashion plays a huge role. Why? By employing color, we can easily determine someone’s personality. Does he or she love light and radiant colors that represent a bright personality? Or, does he or she love dark colors that can symbolize sadness or a penchant for the Gothic? Clothes help us in expressing our feelings, unsaid thoughts, and hidden emotions. When I am choosing what to wear, I always look for clothes that will represent my personality, mood, and behavior. If you notice, whenever we are buying clothes, we’re always saying, “oh, I love the color” or “the clothes look good on me.”

“We are choosing the ones that we love others to see us wearing. With that, we are already representing our personalities through fashion. The second one is choosing between short clothes and long clothes. Some people are not allowed to show more of their skin because of their culture, traditions, and religious beliefs. One of these examples is the Muslim girls who are not allowed to wear very revealing clothes. However, there are also wearing lesser clothes to show their identity, personality, culture, and beliefs.

Traditional people are wearing not revealing clothes. We can determine someone’s character, who they are, and where they come from with clothes. The last and the third one is the matching type. Fashion is not just wearing clothes that you can put to yourself and after that, go out in. You need to match first, look at yourself in the mirror, try different dresses to find the perfect ones, and agree to the matched clothes’ result before presenting them to the public.  We can observe how careful we are to look for something near to perfect. We want something that we will not regret wearing in the end. We want something that we can be proud of. The personality of being careful in choosing what fits us will come out.

Fashion is like a language. It is showcasing ourselves; it tells everything about us. We present ourselves wearing our most comfortable dress for the day and it tells us how good or bad we are for that same day. Our personalities find a way to come out, and our clothes are just one of many ways to communicate ourselves to people. What you wear indeed is who you are as a person. Intentionally or unintentionally, our clothes will tell our identity to the world.