Four Super Exciting Things to do in San Francisco

I love new things and exploring the world! So when I was looking for somewhere new and exciting to go I suddenly remembered that a friend of mine recommended that I visit San Francisco some years ago. At first, I was hesitant. I had never explored California before, and I did not know what to expect from the state’s fourth-largest city. During my research on the latter, I stumbled upon countless positive reviews from traveling enthusiasts who had been there and had relished fantastic experiences. It dawned on me that it could be a pretty interesting destination to discover.

So I thought “Why not give the city a chance?” San Francisco was magical! It had many things to offer, including numerous iconic sights, beautiful parks and gardens, dashing restaurants, and attractive towns. The city’s diverse culture also fascinated me. After taking my time to decide on the thrilling things to do there, though moving here is not one of the things I have in mind (yet)! The city’s cost of living (click on to know more) might be a deciding factor, and as of now, I am perfectly happy to visit it as a tourist! For now, here are the top four that I choose.

1. Visit Golden Gate Park

I located Golden Gate Park about seven minutes away from the city center. I liked that entering the park was free, and there were many other travelers in the location. During my time there, I went to the California Academy of Sciences that had a planetarium and an aquarium. I couldn’t miss the Osher Rainforest, a tall dome-shaped structure with about 1,600 live animals. After walking around the park, admiring the gardens’ unbelievable beauty, I relaxed at one of the many scenic picnic spaces available before heading back to my hotel room.

2. Go to Twin Peaks

I never knew how beautiful San Francisco was until I went to Twin Peaks. The location provided spectacular views of the city, including those of the famous Bay Bridge. I also spotted many picturesque locations on my way there, and I took some photos to remind me of that trip.

When heading to Twin Peaks, I brought a jacket, which was handy because it got a bit chilly afterward. I noticed that the place could also get crowded, so one should secure a nearby parking spot early. Fortunately, Twin Peaks opens from 5 a.m. to midnight every day, and travelers are free to hang around for as long as they desire. I enjoyed about four hours there and made unforgettable memories.

3. Dine at Mersea Restaurant & Bar

Serving some of the tastiest American cuisines, Mersea Restaurant & Bar made me feel at home. It allowed me to catch breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and the historic Alcatraz Island. I had the classic Caesar salad and chicken, but their menu also comprised pizza, French dinner rolls, shrimp, double-stacked cheeseburgers and fish & chips. I was also impressed by their wine and beer collection.

The classy restaurant allows diners to order takeout and make early reservations. Other features I liked included the:

  • Outdoor seating
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Free off-street parking available

4. Explore Chinatown

Chinatown is among San Francisco’s oldest neighborhoods. I was fortunate to be there during the yearly Chinese New Year festival, which is the most distinctive and largest occasion of its kind I have ever witnessed. During the march, I interacted with countless spectators from different origins.

Some of the event’s features that fascinated me were the Miss Chinatown pageant, the Community Fair, and the basketball jamboree. The festival also enabled me to learn many interesting things about Chinese/ Asian cultures and traditions.

I savored every moment I spent in San Francisco. I invested countless hours in planning my visits to all the destinations I’ve mentioned above because I needed everything to be perfect as it was. Frankly, I was blown away by the city’s welcoming aura and friendly locals, which is why I might head there again in the future. Or even decide to settle down here (should I start looking at sites like already??) some time down the line – who knows?

Some Extra Travel Tips

For those who would love to discover San Francisco, here are some useful tips I recommend:

  • Always stick to the budget
  • Be cautious when choosing things to do or destinations to explore
  • Always carry the necessary travel documents and enough money
  • Respect the locals while having maximum fun!