The Dress Shirt: Here’s How to Wear It

Most people know how to wear a t-shirt. But what about a dress shirt? A dress shirt is a little more complicated but can be just as easy to wear with the right tips. Here are some tips on how to wear a dress shirt for everyday occasions.

What is a dress shirt?

A dress shirt is a piece of clothing that you wear on the top half of your body, usually when going to work or attending a formal event. Dress shirts are made from different materials and come in many styles.

A dress shirt can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, buttoned-up, worn with or without a tie, a tailored fit or loose-fitting, and can have a high or low neckline. The type of fabric used varies depending on how formal the occasion is – wool for winter and cotton for summer being the most popular types.

How should a dress shirt fit?

Women’s dress shirts vary greatly too but traditionally have shorter sleeves than men’s dress shirts which tend to be more fitted around the waist and chest area. For women’s dress shirts, the designs and cuts can vary greatly, whereas men’s dress shirts tend to follow a more typical silhouette.

Dress shirt etiquette

When wearing a dress shirt there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that the rest of your outfit looks its best.

  • Make sure the sleeves fit: When wearing a dress shirt sleeve lengths are incredibly important. The sleeves of a proper dress shirt should reach to your wrists; no more and no less. If the sleeves are shorter than this and you roll them up, you will look less professional. Similarly, if the sleeves are too long they will make you look sloppy.
  • Check that you can move your arms: When trying on a dress shirt, the arms should fit comfortably and not be too tight or too loose. If the upper arms are too tight, the shirt will be uncomfortable to wear and may be difficult to move in. If the arms are too loose, the shirt will look baggy and may not stay in place when you wear it. To check you have the proper fit, raise your arms and ensure the shoulder seam falls correctly.
  • Always iron your shirt: The front of a dress shirt should be ironed to make sure it looks neat with no creases or bumps. When you iron a dress shirt, the goal is to achieve a neat, wrinkle-free look. Take your dress shirt out of the dryer while it’s still a little damp and hang it up immediately. Iron the front of the shirt first, then the back, and finally the sleeves.
  • Think carefully about color: Dress shirt colors come in a range of shades. Most people stick to neutral colors like white, black, and blue, but there are many others. When choosing a dress shirt color, you should consider the occasion and how formal it is. Bright colors like red or orange are perfect for festive occasions, while more subdued colors like beige or light green are better for more formal events.

How to style a dress shirt

Dress shirts are versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn in a variety of situations. Here are some occasions when you can wear a dress shirt:

  • At work: A dress shirt is perfect for the office. Opt for a fitted dress shirt in a tailored cut to look professional. Choose a classic color like white, black, or blue, and make sure to iron it before heading to work. To finish, pair with your favorite suit jacket.
  • For formal events: A dress shirt is an ideal choice for a formal event like a wedding or dinner party. Opt for a dress shirt with a high neckline and long sleeves for a more traditional look. Choose a light-colored dress shirt for summer events and dark colors for winter events.
  • For casual occasions: A dress shirt can be worn casually as well. You can choose a fitted dress shirt and pair it with jeans and trainers for a more relaxed look, or you could opt for a looser fit and wear it to brunch with friends.

How to buy a dress shirt

When it comes to dress shirts, there are a few things you need to take into account before making your purchase. Here are four tips to help you choose the right shirt for your body type and individual style:

  1. Consider your body type: Not all dress shirts look good on everyone. If you’re not sure what style is best for you, ask a friend or family member for their opinion, or visit a clothing store that specializes in formalwear.
  2. Make sure the shirt fits well: A well-fitted shirt will look and feel better than one that’s too big or too small. Any excess fabric can have an impact on the final look. The neck and the collar should also fit comfortably. Be sure to try on different sizes and styles until you find the perfect fit.
  3. Choose the right fabric: Dress shirts come in a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, and silk. You might even find dress shirts made from more than one type of fabric.
  4. Try to match the color to your style: What’s your daily look? A monochromatic shirt is simple and sleek, while bright colors are perfect for the energetic, adventurous dresser.

BONUS TIP: Shop for dress shirts in the sales

It can be tough to find a good deal on dress shirts, but it’s not impossible. Dress shirts are often discounted at the end of the season, so be sure to check out your favorite stores’ sale racks.

Stores often clear out their stock of dress shirts near the end of the season, so you can find some great deals if you’re willing to look around. Furthermore, several websites sell men’s dress shirts, and many of them offer discounts on bulk orders or free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

How to make your dress shirt last longer

Once you have purchased the dress shirt of your dreams, it is important to understand how to care for it. A dress shirt can last much longer if it is properly taken care of. Be sure to follow these tips to keep your shirt looking its best:

  • Try not to wear the same dress shirt too many times in a row. This will help prevent the fabric from becoming worn and faded.
  • Hang the dress shirt up after wearing it, rather than folding it. This will help preserve the shape of the shirt.
  • If the dress shirt becomes stained, be sure to treat it as soon as possible. Use a stain remover or a damp cloth to remove any marks.

What are your favorite dress shirt outfits?

Now that you know how to buy and style a dress shirt, it’s time to put your new knowledge into practice. Be sure to try on different styles and sizes until you find the perfect fit.

Once you have found the right shirt for your body type, with a collar that fits and the right length sleeves, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and fabrics. Above all, don’t forget to take good care of your dress shirt. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy your dress shirt for many years to come.

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