Tips on How to Dress for Your Body Type

Ever gone shopping for an outfit for an upcoming event but can’t seem to find the right one? Yes, the clothes look amazing, but nothing seems to bring out your best features. I know how it feels, and I have been there before. This was when I realized I was focusing on the wrong thing.

Instead of concentrating on my body types, I tend to want the trending dress, which does not work for everyone.

Since I realized the impact that my body type brings, I decided to start dressing for it rather than wrestling against it. I have never gone wrong ever since. Here’s the bottom line for all body types.

1. The Apple-Shaped Body

A lady is apple-shaped if she has significantly more mass around her upper body (from the stomach to shoulders) compared to the lower part. There is undoubtedly more attention upwards, meaning I need to shift the focus downwards to balance.

The best tops for such a look are V-shaped necklines or ¾ sleeved options. Dark colors are more preferred, plus laterally patterned garments. Keep off body-cons and skinny jeans. Accessories can also mess up the look; therefore, I avoid layering them inappropriately. A-line dresses are ideal, and statement coats should be a plus.

2. The Hourglass

This is one of the most revered shapes since it is naturally balanced and has a nice eye-appeal thanks to the small waistline. Dressing an hourglass is much easier than the previous figure, so we might not need to work too hard here.

Most colors work for this figure, and one can easily play around with patterns. Body-cons will look excellent, and tight pants fit perfectly as long as I balance the look with the right fitting top and bra. The only thing that might horribly mess up the look is oversized clothes that hide the figure. If you have what most people want, don’t be afraid to show it.

3. The Pear-Shaped Body

A pear-shaped body carries more weight on the lower body and tends to have narrower shoulders plus a small bust-size. The shape is trending, making it relatively easy to dress. However, not everything will look outstanding, even if it fits. Therefore, I still need to be a bit careful with how I layer out different patterns and pieces.

Pear-shaped bodies need to reduce the focus from the hipline and balance it with their upper bodies. Wide-legged pants will work well, plus A-line dresses or skirts. Crop tops and boat necks also match the body type, and slightly looser tops create the hourglass illusion. Mermaid dresses look great for this shape as the pieces’ intention is to focus on the hips, which are a generous size.

4. The Rectangular Body

If an hourglass lacks a thin waistline, it transforms into a rectangular shape. This makes it another easy-to-balance figure. Anything ruffled or layered will look great plus A-line skirts. Since we might want to define the waist a bit more, a solid layer on the top should match the one at the bottom.

I would also recommend long jackets for this type, as it doesn’t come with too much drama. Belts are natural accessories for rectangular bodied people as they also increase the illusion of a thinner waistline.

5. The Inverted Triangle

Narrow hips with broad shoulders create this shape. To dress an inverted triangle, we have to reduce the shoulders’ attention while creating more mass around the hips. For this reason, pencil pants and dresses are not the best picks.

Instead, circular skirts and dresses will look much better. We should also avoid layering the shoulders with heavy garments such as soft necklines. Patterns and ruffles best go to the bottom, and lighter fabric should appear at the top.

To Sum It Up

We only need to know our body type to dress appropriately. Else, we’ll be shopping for clothes only to give them away too soon. The good thing is that knowing our body types is not magic. With a tape measure, you only need to take your shoulder, bust, waist, upper hip, and hip dimensions. Aim to understand how to dress your type, and you will be flaunting your outfits as if you were born for the red carpet.