How to Dress Like an Italian Gentleman

The Italians are known for their amazing sense of style. They are some of the most stylish people on the planet, with an innate ability to work with what they have in their closets.

Italian men have a reputation for being refined and gentlemanly, and it’s no surprise why. Their sartorial choices epitomize the perfect combination of old world-class and modern elegance. To boost your outfit’s look, you can opt for a pair of shoes that are a color that compliments your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a black shirt that goes with a pair of black shoes, then go ahead and wear a pair of black shoes. If you’re wearing a purple shirt that goes with a pair of black shoes, then your shoes should be black. If you’re wearing a white shirt that goes with a pair of white shoes, then your shoes should be white. These are the clear-cut rules when it comes to dressing. Here are some tips on How to Dress Like an Italian Gentleman.

Start with wearing the right fit

Fashion is all about the look, not the fit. And while some Italian men may wear sharp clothing, this is based on how it looks, not what it fits like. Those who dress sharp pay more attention to their appearance, but this typically comes at the expense of fit—or the lack of it, in many cases. To dress sharp, Italian men typically need to invest in quality clothing. For example, the Italians’ black wool suit is not like the cheap ones you will find in a department store.

Learn to Inhabit the Clothes

It’s not shocking that we Italians live in a fashion world constantly treading on the razor’s edge. But what is surprising is the fact that we Italians never seem to learn from our mistakes and always seem to run in the same circles and surround ourselves with the same people, who continuously tell us that we are the best and the most stylish people in the world. While this is probably not true, it is hard to argue with the fact that we are often the best dressed in the world.

Wear Down Formalities

As long as you don’t expect to be formally dressed, a suit and tie are a great way to start a formal event. But, especially in Italy, a suit and tie aren’t going to work in most situations. When you see a fully dressed man, a few things are going on: his hair is combed, and he’s wearing a jacket and tie. But, when you see a man dressed similarly to the way Italians normally dress, it’s always a bit more relaxed. Among a certain group of Italians, a suit-like jacket and pants are the only acceptable formal wear. These Italians, who are known as “Carrubbers,” wear their suits to work, meals, and even formal events. In the rest of the world, it would be considered a bit odd to wear a suit to a casual barbeque, for example, but not in Italy. They have a word for it: “Carrubbers.”

It may sound like a silly question: “Why would someone want to dress like an Italian gentleman?” But if you think about it, you’ll see that it has a lot of practical uses. The Italian gentleman is well-dressed because he looks good, acts confident, and is respected by those around him. The Fifties and Sixties were the best epoch for Italian fashion, as to this day, many people would tell you their first fashion memory was wearing a puffed-up, cone-shaped shirt at the age of 2. The military uniform of Italian soldiers inspired the style during World War II. The following decades were dark until the Seventies, at which time the Stile Mediterraneo was born. It was a radical change, which was characterized by a sense of lightness and elegance. 

This trend reached its peak in the Eighties, with a strong influence from the New Romantic, from California style to the Bathing Suit, from sporty to romantic. Dress like an Italian gentleman. That means you need to wear clothes that show off your assets. If you’re not sure what assets you have, then you’re not dressed like an Italian gentleman.


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